Friday 1 March 2019

Review of Aftermath by Trish Beninato

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Jewel is the only one who can stop Zeus from taking over humanity. Now everyone must pick a side- humanity or immortality. But what will happen once they do?

After discovering her past, Jewel must battle with connecting her two selves and defeat Zeus. And to make matters worse, she now knows of the betrayal of the one person she thought would always be fighting at her side, Anubis

With the final battle looming Jewel can't risk anything getting in her way. Not even love, and definitely not the darkness hiding inside her. And the power growing within her will change her forever.

Can she become the leader they all need her to be, or will the world she loves become enslaved one again?
My review: 4.5 stars
I adored this series and wanted to grab the final book in the series to read. It started amazingly well, the story picking up almost where it left off, with Jewel aware of her two lives but unsure of how to match the two together. I loved the world-building, the history and mythology that came with it. It was an amazing end to a great series and I very much enjoyed coming along for the ride. If you love fantasy with a contemporary twist, then you need to check this series out! Another great one by Beninato, she is an author to watch!

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