Friday 22 March 2019

Review of On A LARP by Stefani Deoul

Question: Do any of you know the truly scary part about being seventeen?

Answer: Your brain doesn't actually know, understand or care what it can't do; and, while this sounds great in theory, in my particular case, my under-developed brain apparently didn't know I couldn't fly.

So I jumped . . .
And I plummeted . . .
And I promise you, if I somehow manage to survive this act of immature-brain-encased-in-unbelievable-stupidity, I will gladly tell you exactly how I got here.

Which, for the record, is chasing a dark-web killer through the middle of a live action role-playing game, better known as a LARP.

On a LARP introduces readers to teen coder, Sid Rubin, a smartass—and super-smart—high school kid with a strong conscience and a knack for solving problems. This high concept, frenetic ride dives into the fascinating world of interactive role-playing when Sid recognizes the photo of a murder victim during an AP field trip to a police station. What starts out as an Aha! moment soon finds Sid and her unlikely posse of friends chasing a dark web killer through the middle of a live action role playing game. Sid and the gang work to unravel a deeply encrypted mystery while simultaneously enduring pop quizzes, endless Ted Talks, teenage heartbreak, suspicious parents, cosplay, and the irresistible lure of the NYC Public Library.

My Review: 5 stars
HOLY AMAZE-BALLS! This is an amazing book! I was hooked from the first line and was desperate to jump right into the story after the prologue. It was fast-paced, with a good look at teenage Sid with her friends all kinda happily supporting her along the way. I loved the sci-fi angle, the cosplay, the LARP, the whole embracing of geekdom! It's amazing written and I basically couldn't get enough of it so I had to pick up book two! This is a brilliant YA series and I can not recommend it enough! Highly, highly recommended! Pick this book up, you will not be disappointed!

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