Tuesday 26 March 2019


Tara is excited about spending some time alone, and happy that her Dad is back doing what he loves. Even if his list of rules are a little strict for her!

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[ID: A blue graphic with a teaser for Dying Thoughts - Seventh Death. Below the title is the release date: Coming May 15th 2019.

The excerpt is as follows:

“I’m sure I’ll survive six weeks without you!” I said, laughing a little. “I’ll have Kaolin over and we can have a few raves…kidding about that last part!” Though, I did plan to throw a party or two, Dad didn’t need to know about that.
“The list also has the ground rules. No boys after eleven. You don’t miss college unless you are actually sick and no parties. At all,” he replied, looking serious.
I raised my eyebrow. “Dad, I’m seventeen, I should be able to have ‘boys’ over if I want, besides you’ll be living it up with hot groupies, won’t you?!”


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