Friday 9 September 2022

Review of Removeable Life by Anne Sophie

How can she win, when she doesn't believe? 

Mara is back with the resistance, and she’s working through her returning memories, thanks to the reverse serum. After reliving her best and worst moments, she is put in a unique position to help others. As the only person who’s gotten the majority of her memories back, she can help guide others through the same process. Mara takes pride in creating a safe environment for those willing to suffer through the unpredictable procedure and relive their own memories.

Emily is conflicted about her position in the resistance. She has been the driving force behind both the reverse and anti-serums, but she knows her relationship with Mara is over, and she has to find a new reason to fight.

As the resistance prepares to launch their attack against the government, Mara splits her time between helping Sofia, Flynn, and the others with the battle plan and caring for her memory-recovery patients. Feeling like a fraud on both fronts, Mara questions her ability to help everyone. If she can’t focus on her tasks, the people depending on her will be let down in their most vulnerable moments, and forced to fend for themselves.

When the worst-case scenario happens and Emily’s loved ones are threatened, she wants nothing more than to get them to a safe place. She jumps head first into a mission to save them, but when unforeseen odds stack against her, Emily isn’t confident everyone will make it out alive.

My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up after reading books one and two and desperate to know how the trilogy was going to end.  I adored the characters and the way they grew from start to finish. The dystopian world was fleshed out and made it clear that a lot of thought and work had gone into creating it. The book takes you through so many ups and downs and you can’t help but be hooked, turning to pages long after you should’ve gone to bed. A perfect ending to an amazing series and an author to keep an eye on. Anne Sophie is destined to big things. Very much recommended!

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