Friday 30 September 2022

Review of Onesies & Ouijaboards by Jamie Sands

Be careful what you wish for…

Arrow is fifteen, non-binary, and bored.

It’s one thing to read about magic, or watch ghost hunting shows. But Arrow yearns for something more. When they try out a prosperity spell from a magical library book, things start to go very very right.

Until they don’t.

Arrow’s good luck seems to be affecting a lot of the people around them. From A students suddenly failing quizzes to freak accidents, their good luck seems to be double-sided to say the least. Arrow’s best friend Ren knows not to mess with the unknown, but Arrow’s spell might just affect him all the same.

Arrow’s got to learn about how to wield their magic fast when the power they’ve drawn down proves to be beautiful, but dangerous as well.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because I loved the title and the sound of the blurb. I also loved the idea of a non-binary protagonist and was delighted to dive into it. I adored Arrow and their viewpoint on the world. I loved the little bits and pieces that came along as they found out more about their ability and the wins and losses of magic. The world building was great, the story was a quick read, but nevertheless an enjoyable one. Overall, a nice little introduction to Sands writing and they are an author to watch. Very much recommended!

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