Friday 2 September 2022

Review of Vampire Unleashed by Tamar Sloan & Ivy Lane

A vampire. A huntress. A cure that could change everything.
Vampires are real. If that’s not enough for Maddy to get her head around, then learning she’s a descendant of the famous Knights Templar, a secret order of vampire hunters, leaves her reeling. What’s more, they want her to join their ranks.

Caleb has a score to settle. Part of it’s personal, but the Order is also determined to kill every last one of his kind. When he learns of their new recruit, he knows he has to get close to Maddy, no matter what it takes.

Thrust together, the two discover deeply buried secrets and shocking truths. The Order isn’t everything it claims to be. The vampire Master has plans to cultivate humans as a food source. And everyone is searching for an ancient relic that could be the key to it all.

And yet Maddy has questions that desperately need answers. Whose side is Caleb really on? What does she do about the attraction that won’t go away? And why does she seem to have abilities no one else does…


My Review:  4.5 STARS

I picked this up having read Sloan before and knowing that I always adore her books. This was an enjoyable read, never really been into vampires in my teen years but now I can’t seem to get enough of them. I adored Maddy, and Caleb, loved seeing their stories entwined and evolve and adored the whole twists and turns as the story continued. I adore Sloan and Lane’s writing and the way they pull you into the story. My only qualm was that at times the plot felt like it could’ve done with a bit more exploration, but other than that, an amazing story and one I very much enjoyed. Recommended

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